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Live Beyond Fulfillment

Our Seminar of Live Beyond Fulfillment was a great success.  Special thanks to those who participated and those who provided such great comments for future events.  As with all things, it is not just the participants that get information and opportunity, but so do I.  The experiences that come with any journey are priceless.  One of my great opportunities in during this process was Mercury Retrograde.

For those of you who are not familiar with Mercury Retrograde, it basically deals with communications on all levels.  Electronic, Verbal & Written.  I knew there would be some challenges, but…my graphic artist had her hard drive crash; my web master’s hard drive crashed; my printers machinery broke; my computer worked beautifully with the connection for power point presentation during our trial run but the day of the event, it would not connect at all (I brought spare computers which did work) and 30 minutes before the end of seminar, the good connection with computer died.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is that Life continually throws us opportunity to move beyond and recognize what we do and do not have control over.  The simple phrase of “go with the flow” becomes more appropriate with each passing year.  Anymore, I just chuckles at the “things that go wrong”.  I have found that if I just sit back and get out of the way things fall into place.

I guess I am open to new challenges and opportunity because my upcoming Seminar August 13th on Secrets to Letting Go – Revealed is also during Mercury Retrograde.  God willing, it is not as powerful as this current one.  And So It Is….

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In the beginning…..

Life Simply Done was developed by Dehbra to share, guide and assist others in creating a Life of Joy, Happiness, Love, Balance and Fulfillment.

The integration of Spirituality into each moment of every day allows one to experience a Life Simply Done.

Dehbra’s definition of Spirituality: The positive action of Attitude, Behavior and Choice. Life Simply Done is a Lifestyle Movement that blends Mind, Body and Spirit into your daily Life.

Life Simply Done seminars and coaching are different. The information is everywhere, but it is Life Simply Done that gives the practical methodology of application for immediate results. The approach Life Simply Done shares with you works in conjunction with your time schedule and your lifestyle.

Welcome to my blog, LSD Journeys with Dehbra!

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