About Dehbra

Dehbra Taylor – Intuitive Development Strategist, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Numerologist and Spiritual Counselor.

Throughout Dehbra’s career, in both the public and priva te sector, her focus has always been on empowering others to achieve their greatest potential.

As an Intuitive Development Strategist, she believes when we utilize our intuitive abilities, we become more attuned with who we Truly are. Through her 30 years of professional experience Dehbra has come to believe by using various tools and systems, anyone can gain self-awareness at a level so powerful it can improve their professional performance, while enhancing their personal lives. With her extensive business background as a Human Resource Manager, Business Management Consultant and Information Systems Consultant, Dehbra understands the dynamics of implementing communication and application.

She shares this experience, knowledge, and expertise through her presentations which are designed to motivate and inspire business professionals and individuals. Dehbra has been fortunate to share her vast knowledge and insights via the radio, through corporate presentations, seminars and workshops, and working one-on-one with individuals from all walks of life.

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