In the beginning…..

Life Simply Done was developed by Dehbra to share, guide and assist others in creating a Life of Joy, Happiness, Love, Balance and Fulfillment.

The integration of Spirituality into each moment of every day allows one to experience a Life Simply Done.

Dehbra’s definition of Spirituality: The positive action of Attitude, Behavior and Choice. Life Simply Done is a Lifestyle Movement that blends Mind, Body and Spirit into your daily Life.

Life Simply Done seminars and coaching are different. The information is everywhere, but it is Life Simply Done that gives the practical methodology of application for immediate results. The approach Life Simply Done shares with you works in conjunction with your time schedule and your lifestyle.

Welcome to my blog, LSD Journeys with Dehbra!

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One response to “In the beginning…..

  1. Sometimes we need guidance to bring us back to the basics. We (humans) tend to make situations, life experiences more complicated than they truly are. Life doesn’t have to be hard.

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